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  • Many companies still create their product catalogs using word processors or DTP applications.
  • Each page is edited manually. Tables are created with tabs, pictures are added by hand. Changes require a lot of work.
  • Different tools are used to create documents for each publication platform.
  • Application for the web and on CD are created by different suppliers, although contents are similar.
  • Documents in different languages are created and maintained separately.
  • Maintaining the sources requires a great deal of work and time so documents aren't up to date.
  • Layout changes require modification at lots of different places. It's difficult to keep a homogeneous corporate identity.

Lillig & Zahn solves these problems. Since almost 10 years we are creating Database-Publishing and Cross-Media-Publishing systems for voluminous catalogs.

Go and see for yourself!

There are many possible solutions, we'll find the right track for you.

Benefit from these advantages

  • Be always up to date. Create your catalog "On Demand".
  • Drastically reduce your costs. Amortisation within one or two publishing cycles.
  • Eliminate many unnecessary jobs. Only a few or no tasks have to be solved externally. The need for supervision decreases.
  • Obtain a maximum in automation and rationalization.
  • Easy maintenance of large amounts of data.
  • Existing data can easily be integrated from various sources like SAP, Oracle, DB/2 and so on.
  • You get a new database. Due to it's transparent interface it can easily be used for lot's of different extensions.
  • A corporate identity can easily be integrated and updated.
  • Data is always up to date. Many company internal tasks get unnecessary.
  • Publication of single pages updates or extracts at the touch of a button.

Why CrossMedia-Publishing from Lillig & Zahn

All out

Lillig & Zahn is a small software company. Anyway, we managed to convince several large international operating companies of our services.

Our administrative costs are low. Therefore we can offer attractive conditions. You can expect a high measure of personal commitment. With us, you are not just another customer, every time you need us you are our number one.


By rote is not our business. Our applications are in a continuous development process. We create different solutions for varying requirements. Our aim is always to find the best possible solution for you.


It's often difficult to compare offers of different sellers. Glossy brochures often contain only vague specifications. Fewer details in an offer make it easier to increase the costs.

We try to determine as exactly as possible how easy or complex your demands are and what's the best way to realize your requests.

During that process, we show you where you should keep an eye on and where traps are lurking. You get that that as a free additional service.

If you should finally prefer the solution of a competitor, we also offer you our consultant services, we show you advantages and weaknesses of each possible solution and if you wish of course offer our own alternatives.


As one of the first companies in Germany we started already 1991 to create Database-Publishing solutions.

Since then our application help to create catalogs with almost 1000 pages and complex contents within a few hours.

The main problem of CrossMedia-Publishing usually are in the print area. To create a simple solution for the Internet comparatively easy. Many sellers mainly so far mainly created smaller Internet solutions. They often have low experience with complex print solutions.

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