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Our company was founded in 1991, when former schoolmates bundeled their activities. Occupation both within the DTP area (Ventura Publisher) and in programming (especially with Borland Pascal) resulted in the idea to create individually programmed Database-Publishing applications, to allow fully automatic generation of voluminous product catalogs. In the meantime this branch is extended by the development of catalogs on CD.

We worked with MS Access from version 1.0 on. It turned out soon, that only a few powerful developer tools were available for Access.

This is why we developed the Tool Update-Doctor, a utility for data import during program updates. Beyond this product, we wanted to extend the product range by few, but excellent tools. We also had the plan to intensify our business relations with companies from the United States so this led to the cooperation with Black Moshannon Systems (BMS) from Pennsylavania.

This cooperation started in February 1994 when we began selling their product Tracker, a database documentation tool for ACCESS 1.0 and later 2.0. The following summer BMS developed the tool SPEED Ferret a search and replace utility for ACCESS 2.0.

Since that time, the sales of this product are rising continously. Versions for ACCESS 95 and 97 were introduced in '96 and '97. Since the introduction of SPEED Ferret 4.0 in 2001 users can simultaneously search and replace terms in projects based on different platforms, such as Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL server.

We continued to intensify our cooperation with BMS since that time. We cooperate closely in testing and supporting those tools. Since June 2002 we are now the exclusive distributor of Black Moshannon Systems in Europe.

As Access specialists we created database applications for various well-known customers. Among those are Thyssen Elevators, Mahle GmbH, MTD-International, smart Micro Compact Car, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, and Motor-Presse in Stuttgart.

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